Important Lessons About Cartridges

When you think of printing, you should know that without either toner or ink in your printer, you will get blank pages as your result. Though toner and ink cartridges fulfill the same purpose, they are actually more different than many print-minded people give them credit for.


Toner and ink cartridges are different entities for a reason, and other than the simple ideas of function and construction, there is not too much that is similar about the two. Those who would only look at the design and construction of the cartridges might have a hard time telling the two types of cartridge apart.

Canon Pixma IP7250 Five Ink
Canon Pixma IP7250 Five Ink

In order to use your printer correctly, it is important to properly install the full cartridges in the printer; you’ll find that printers usually take two cartridges. The two cartridges will contain different types of printing material, with one being colored printing material and one black. This is true regardless of whether you are using ink cartridges or toner cartridges.
The differences lie in what the substance inside the cartridge is like, since ink is a liquid coloring agent and toner is a dry powder. Whether liquid or powder, the printing substances will be used to print images, text, and other features onto a piece of paper. The environment responds equally well to either type of print cartridge.
You’ll probably have noticed by now that the names of the types of cartridge belie their style. Ink cartridges are only used in inkjet printers; toner cartridges can be found in laser printers. You may assume by now that you are not able to use one kind of print cartridge in a printer of another type (imagine a toner cartridge in an inkjet printer). People who have tried to use the wrong kind of printing cartridge in a printer have found that it is impossible.Refillable cartridges of both kinds are available, and this can be a much more cost-effective way to take care of empty cartridges than simply replacing them with new ones.

We now reach the point in our consideration where you must decide what type of printer to buy. In general, laser printers and their respective cartridges cost more than inkjet printers. Laser printers hold the advantage in terms of print quality and speed, though, and you’ll find that toner cartridges have a much longer life than ink cartridges.
People who want to do their printing at home will generally pick an inkjet printer, though, so this might be the safer choice for you. Regardless of your choice, you’ll be pleased.


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